Achieve smooth & Hairless Skin – Get laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai
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Achieve smooth & Hairless Skin – Get laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai

Hair on skin can hide the appeal out of beautiful skin. This is a global trend and the glamour industry depends on hair removal techniques to achieve oomph. Finding a center that offers the best laser hair removal in Mumbai is not a daunting task. It is all about zeroing in on the right center, by understanding all that is needed to know about hair removal.  Take a deep look at the various options for laser hair removal Mumbai offers individuals.

Genetic, hormonal and environmental factors determine hair growth in individuals. Some women need to put up with excessive hair growth when compared with the average growth of hair in others. The best option is to opt for the best hair removal techniques, which in fact are also in great demand among men who wish to remove their chest hair.

Advantages of using Laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai.

Dispense with the need to shave, tweeze, wax or endure the torture of electrolysis again. The specialist options available for hair removal ensure that repeat procedures are far between, offering great relief from regular, painful procedures.

The results of laser hair removal are quite similar to that of a super emollient. Treatment leaves no trace of hair, offering individuals the benefit of advanced procedures with amazing results.

Regardless of the type of skin, it is possible to get similar results from laser hair removal procedures.

Get to know skin, hair and its structure

In order to understand how laser treatment works it is important to understand more about hair structure. Hair is connected to the hair follicle in the fatty layer of the skin. Follicles are shaped like little bulbs, with a good blood supply that provides sufficient nourishment for growth. Hair bulb keeps producing new cells and pushes the previously developed cells upwards.

Laser devices release laser beams that target the pigments in the hair follicle. These pigments absorb the light energy and stores it as heat. The heat energy destroys the growing cells in the bulb resulting in the destruction of the hair follicle and eventual loss of hair. It takes around 2 to 3 weeks for actual hair loss to occur. This procedure performed at spaced out intervals prevent the growth of hair. This lends the skin a smooth and supple appearance.

Hair follicles are in different stages of growth during laser treatment, it is only the actively growing follicles that are targeted and destroyed. The eventual phasing out hair may take around five to eight settings. The number of repeat procedures will tackle all the strands of hair across various cycles of growth, thereby taking out every strand of unwanted hair.  Dermatologists in Mumbai are renowned the world over for their path breaking discovery in dealing with and treating hair problems. A specialist skin doctor through the right techniques and highly advanced equipment can offer lasting solutions and help individuals to acquire smooth and flawless skin that compares with those in the glamour industry.

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