How To Select The Best Permanent Cure For Melasma?
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How To Select The Best Permanent Cure For Melasma?

There are number of skin issues we face in this modern world due to the pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and the reason goes on. One among such skin problems is Melasma. It is a chronic skin issue that causes dark pigments or discolouration in the skin. These patches are most likely to appear in the places that are often exposed to the sun, leading to blotchy and uneven skin tone. However you can treat this issue by consulting an experienced dermatologist and here is a guide on how to select the best permanent cure for Melasma.

The root cause of Melasma can be exposure to sun, hormonal imbalance or pregnancy. It is also nick named as ‘pregnancy mask’, however in most cases it diminishes after the pregnancy period. There are various treatments to Melasma but all this would turn futile if you don’t take immediate action on certain factors. First and foremost being that you should bid good bye to all medications that causes a rise in your hormone levels. It is mandatory to use a good sun screen lotion and cover yourself from the sun. A skin care regime must be followed religiously to maintain the health of your skin. Only if the above factors are checked, the proposed treatment would show any positive result.

The commonly executed treatment for Melasma is topical therapy, which stops the secretion of new pigments. After which Hydroquinone or Azelaic acid is used to fade away the already existing patches. It is advisable to consult a skin specialist who best knows the treatment that would work for your skin type and severity. Other treatments such as Micro-Dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser therapy can be done to reap faster results.

Any treatment would take its own time to show any difference and this varies from person to person. Hence do not get discouraged and hang on to the proposed treatment religiously to cure Melasma.

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