1. I would firstly like to express my deep gratitude to Dr.Rinky Kapoor for transforming my life completely. I never knew I would be able to regain my confidence, but thanks to Skin Doctor India, today I feel like a new person. I used to suffer from chronic acne vulgaris since almost a decade. From topical medication to steroids, I had tried everything. But nothing seemed to help and to make matters worse, after any treatment I took the acne seemed to flare up a lot. I had lost all hope along with my confidence. It is then while searching the internet I came to know about Skin Doctor India. I decide to dig a little deeper and read a lot more about Dr.Rinky Kapoor. She has years of experience and not only she has various awards in her kitty, she also has hundreds of satisfied patients. I decide to take a consultation with her and was pleased to get to know her. She was very warm and patient. After reading my case history, she suggested some treatments and medications for my condition. After a few months, my acne reduced considerably. The pain and numbness in the face also has subsided. I feel great and happy from within. The scars that have been left by the acne need further treatment and for that I am only going back to Skin Doctor India. Dr.Rinky Kapoor is like an angel who has given me a new face and a new life. Thank you Dr. Rinky Kapoor.

2. I am a banker by profession and my job keeps me on my toes 24*7*365 days. I hardly get time for myself. Therefore when one day my friends told me that I have started looking tired and old, just at the age of 31, I was shocked. I started trying to get on a sincere skin regimen, but it was too late to begin and with the lifestyle that I have to live, it was too hard to keep up with. It was then I decided that I would take professional help to combat my wrinkles and look youthful again. One of my friends told me about Skin Doctor India and Dr. Rinky Kapoor and how the treatment had greatly helped her. I took an appointment and went to get Botox. With apprehensions and little bit of anxiety, I went for my appointment. The staff was extremely warm and understanding. I met Dr. Rinky Kapoor and she left no stone unturned to alleviate my fears. I asked all doubts I had regarding the procedure and ended up being even surer about getting the procedure done. After a few sessions of the Botox Treatment, I can confidently recommend Skin Doctor India to anyone who wants to turn back the clock.

3. My name is Sakshi Kumar and I am an architect. My job requires me to stay outdoors for prolonged periods of time and that made my skin very dull and unhealthy. At the suggestion of my friends, I started using cosmetics which were to brighten the dull complexion. I spent thousands of rupees but nothing seemed to help me in any way. Infact, at one point I felt as if the cosmetics were only worsening the problem and I felt as if more and more dead skin cells were continuously accumulating on my face. When nothing seemed to work, I turned towards professional help. But I was skeptical about going to a skin clinic as I had heard many horror stories about medico- cosmetic treatments going irreversibly wrong. One of my family members, who herself had been a patient of Dr. Rinky Kapoor, suggested me to visit her once. And I have to say; Thank God I took her advice! Dr. Rinky Kapoor has changed my face and my life. She was very friendly and understood my concerns as they were. I underwent microdermabrasion and peels to rejuvenate my face. From the very first session I could see the difference and I have to admit that the treatments worked wonders. My skin was heading towards irreversible damage and had I not opted for medical intervention I would have lost my youthful looks forever. Most cosmetic only work at the surface of the skin while my problem had gone several layers deeper into the skin. Therefore no cosmetic was helping me. If you have tried everything under the sun but still seem to be at the square one, head to Skin Doctor India, and Dr. Rinky Kapoor will definitely weave her magic, that is through her treatment of course!

4. My name is Suchitra Rawat and I am an advertising professional. I have been in this immensely competitive profession for a very long time and in my job it is extremely important to be presentable at all hours. So it is not just about how you are dressed but also what reflects off of you. It is often said that having good skin is one of the most basic makeup essentials. But I was facing a lot of problem as far as my skin was concerned. All throughout my teenage years I had acne which got cleared eventually. However, minor pits were left on my facial skin as out of my ignorance I prickled on many of them. In addition to scarring, I had dead skin which even after regular home exfoliation methods was stubborn and stayed in its place. I desperately wanted youthful and glowing skin. So I decide to undergo chemical peel. Though I was aware about the procedure I still had some doubts for which I went to the top cosmetic dermatologist and skin specialist in Mumbai, Dr. Rinky Kapoor. Dr. Rinky Kapoor explained to me that since my skin problem was not very serious basic peels would be sufficient for my skin. So finally on Dr. Rinky Kapoor’s suggestion I underwent glycolic peel and lactic peel. I had heard good reviews about both these skin peels and since they were being backed by one of the top dermatologists in India I decided to give my skin some much needed love and pampering. Both of these procedures do not involve any surgery and are performed at The Esthetic Clinic which is the top cosmetic dermatologist centre in India. I saw phenomenal changes in my skin and after regular peel sessions I feel that my skin is in its best condition till date. If you are facing any skin problem, hope my review will help you in choosing Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, India.

5. I am 42 years old homemaker based in Maharashtra in India. My looks matter to me a lot. And thanks to good genes and the fact that I took care of my skin religiously, I had pretty good skin up until I turned 40 years old. It was then that effects of ageing started to show on my skin. I could feel that my skin had become loose and lacked the glow it used to have. I was very stressed out and started using more expensive anti wrinkle creams. Most of these cosmetics take a very long to even show even minor results, though the reviews about these cosmetics tell you otherwise. I was pretty impatient and I just disliked my skin very terribly during that time. I decided to see a skin specialist and was refereed to Dr. Rinky Kapoor by my dermatologist. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is not just a cosmetic dermatologist, she is a magician! She put my skin through a test and exactly told me what was suitable for my skin type. I never expected a cosmetic dermatologist to be so humble and patient (I can be a very difficult patient for sure!). I am writing this review to express my gratitude towards this amazing dermatologist who is based in Mumbai. She dealt with my skin in the best way possible and proved the fact that she is definitely one of the best cosmetic dermatologists in Mumbai, India. I was scheduled for a laser skin tightening treatment which is always given positive reviews by people around the world. In India, thought many dermatologists/ skin specialists perform this treatment, in Mumbai Dr. Rinky Kapoor is the best cosmetic dermatologist performing this in Mumbai. The best part about skin tightening treatment is that there is no surgery involved. I am very scared of any type of surgery so when I visited Dr.Rinky Kapoor at the Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, India. Though I was desperate to get my skin treatment, I was horrified at the prospects of undergoing any type of surgery. So I was on the lookout for a dermatologist who could do the miracle without any type of surgery. After reading about a billion reviews about thousand dermatologists, I could only trust the best cosmetic dermatologist in India and that is Dr. Rinky Kapoor. She is more than just a skin specialist as she has expertise and wisdom of many years. Beware of fraud skin specialists in their shady clinics all over our country. Any specialist would be open about her credentials and should you have any doubts about the skin specialist you are about to see, feel free to ask questions. All reputed and qualified specialist would happily show you their profile and that should give you the confidence of going ahead with the treatment.

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