Nail care

Nail care

For most people, nails are an object of beauty. They are considered to be present only for aesthetic reason, but little do we know, nails can be quite a reflection of what is going on the inside of our body. The health and condition of our nails can tell us quite a bit about the normal or abnormal functioning of different organs of our body. But sometimes, nails can become unhealthy because of various external factors as well. Since they often are not thought about that much, the neglect causes them to show signs of various problems. Most of us are not aware about how to take care of nails according to the signs and symptoms displayed by them. Some people complain of having extremely brittle nails which never seem to grow long enough, while other complain of nails which have a very rough appearance. So if you are one of those people who are facing persistent problems with the nails, the following points can be quite useful to you.

Brittle fingernails are very dry. They do not have the natural softness that the nails are supposed to have and therefore they do not easily bend. To take care of brittle nails, a good quality moisturizer should be applied. Invest in a good quality hand and cuticle cream which will help in restoring the moisture of the nails. Nail hardeners should never be used on brittle nails as they will harden these nails even more and that will add to the brittleness.

Soft nails have problems which are completely opposite in nature as compared to brittle nails. They bend and break very easily. And because of this it is very difficult to grow soft nails to a desired length. Soft nails should be regularly treated with nail hardeners and a diet rich in Vitamin D and calcium can help in strengthening the nails naturally.

Naturally healthy nails have a slight pink hue and the nail surface is very smooth to touch. But with problematic dry and rugged nails, the surface lacks the moisture and the shine and is uneven to touch. Treating dry nails is very simple and a good moisturizer can be used to treat the nails quickly. Dry nails can also be massaged with organic almond oil which is rich in Vitamin E so that it becomes more shiny and moisturized. In India almond oil has been used for massaging the hands and body since ages. Continuous use of nail polishes can also be detrimental to the health of the nails as the ingredients of nail polishes are very dehydrating in nature. And removing the nail pain can also be harmful as almost all nail paint removers have alcohol in them. Alcohol causes the nails to become very dry therefore try to use a nail paint remover which does not have alcohol. Brittleness, dehydration and lack of nutrition can cause the nails to become damaged. Damaged nails are very flaky and are very prone to splitting. To tackle damaged nails, you can begin with applying a strengthening nail coat which will prevent the nail from becoming damaged any further. If your nails are chipped partly in certain places you can apply the coat specifically on those points only.

For those who are naturally blessed with healthy nails that carry that baby pink colour and grow long without any problems, the nail care regimen is very simple. But it is still very important. A good hand cream is vital and the nails should be trimmed and filed regularly to maintain their health.

In India, some homemade remedies like using milk cream and lemon to whiten and strengthen the nails have been in practice since very long. There are some basic points to be kept in mind. Never use harsh soaps and detergents without covering your hands. Wear gloves while washing dishes or clothes so that your hands and nails are protected. To help the nails to grow, massage the fingers with cuticle oil. You can visit a best dermatologist if you have persistent problems with your nails as problems with nails are not only external but can be due to internal problems as well.


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