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The practice of using various extraneous substances on the external skin with the purpose of turning it into a lighter shade of color than what it was previously is skin lightening. The purpose of the lightening exercise was to turn the complexion into a lighter shade than before with the aim of looking good or more presentable. This practice is particularly predominant in cultures where a light or a fair skin is said to represent beauty.  There are a number of homemade creams and products that have in the past been known to bring about skin lightening.  Although, why people should be altering the natural appearance to pander to a popular misconception or fad is hard to understand.  A number of firms have also sprung up to cater to this need and have had brisk business selling products that are supposed to lighten skin.

What is the need of skin lightening?

There are medical indications for such skin whitening where due to pathological conditions , wherein the skin has turned dark in parts or as a whole and it needs correction. People who are recovering from sickness like chicken pox, measles, etc. tend to have damaged skin which causes small patches of discolored skin. Those who have suffered sun damage, conditions like acne and lichen planus which leave behind pigmented scars, birthmarks, burn scars, injury scars, and many more such conditions would need lightening of damaged skin. However, many people nowadays desire complexion lightening for various personal reasons also.

Whitening the skin naturally

Listed out below are some natural and easy to do home procedures that lighten the skin:-

  • Yogurt: – Made out of natural milk, yogurt can effectively be used as facials to lighten the skin. The naturally occurring lactic acid would get to work to clear the complexion.
  • Oranges: – An astringent and full of vitamin C, oranges are used in most popular face packs as chemical peels and helps lighten the skin. The rinds of oranges are mostly used in cosmetics to utilize this property to the full.
  • Gram flour: – This is one of the popular naturally occurring scrubs and soaps available in the Indian lady’s vanity. Often a good scrub with some gram flour before bed would do wonders for the   With the promotions that most cosmetic companies do with their products, the humble gram flour is often left out.
  • Honey: Application of honey either as a face pack or just plain directly over the skin has shown to soften and lighten the skin. This is not often the most popular agent as good honey is expensive and hard to come by.
  • Lemons: – The acidic property of lime juice does help the skin to lighten in color. There are a number of notable features to lime and its juice.  No face pack is complete without the addition of a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Aloe Vera: – Meant to produce clear and supple skin, the humble Aloe Vera is a complete bleaching as well as a feel good agent in face packs and other cosmetic Most people would notice the supple and light colored skin that regular application of the extracts of Aloe Vera brings with it.
  • Turmeric: This is a cure all product from time immemorial. The bleaching and purifying action that a bit of turmeric brings to the skin helps in effectively lightening the skin. Most ladies of yesteryears would swear by the efficacy of the humble turmeric.  In fact volumes have been written in the alternative medicine of Ayurveda on the benefits of having turmeric in the diet as well as the face scrub.

Skin is what most people notice when meeting a person shows the importance to having a near perfect skin as possible. With a proper diet that balances out the various components and sufficient sleep that could help flush out the toxins in the body, the skin can be kept as healthy as possible.  Most imperfections of the skin can be traced to imbalances in the body which can be rectified by proper remedial actions.

In addition, there are number of invasive methods that most dermatologists do that could bring to the person the much needed clear glowing skin. The treatments range from simple chemical peels, to skin lightening creams a whole range of them that are available in the market, to lasers. The choice of treatment varies according to the cause and the extent of the pigmentation. The right treatment can be determined only by a trained dermatologist and one who deals with the Indian and Asian skin types.

Based in Mumbai, India, Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a dermatologist and a practicing surgeon. The latest techniques and practices that are aimed to brighten and clear your skin are right there in Dr. Kapoor’s treatment protocols. She can be consulted on prior appointment at the Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, India, too.

Why you should opt for a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai?

Having dark skin is not fun at all in a country that is obsessed with fairness. If you have dark skin and find it helpless to change, then don’t worry. Because there is help available. Choosing a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai can make you feel overwhelmed. There are lots of methods for skin lightening treatment in Mumbai and choosing one for yourself can be a difficult proposition.

It’s all about having confidence

In a country that loves fairness, it can be tough to make your mark in your professional or personal life without skin lightening treatment in Mumbai. A skin lightening treatment in Mumbai may well be the stepping stone to professional success. You may well see that you are getting the recognition at work you deserve after getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai. In your personal life too, you may see that a lot of marriage proposals are coming your way after getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai done. So if you are confident, then nothing will stop you from living a full life every step of the way with a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai. So getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai may well give you the confidence you require.

Looking good equals to feeling good

That’s right. When you wear a nice dress, don’t you feel better about yourself and your life? In the same way, getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai will make you look good and you will start feeling good about yourself well. If you were always low in confidence because of your dark skin, getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai can make you feel very good about yourself and your life.

Improve your self esteem with skin lightening treatment in Mumbai

Self esteem decides what kind of quality your life has. Whether it is having a job that pays the bills or being a mother who gets things done for her kids, self esteem is something you can’t do without to live a life worth living. Getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai is a great idea because it will improve your self esteem. When you look at yourself with different eyes after getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai, respect yourself more, you will find people around you also giving and treating you with more respect. Getting a simple skin lightening treatment in Mumbai can totally change your life for the better.

In conclusion, it can be safely said that getting a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai can enhance the quality of your life. In a country such as ours, fairness is something that is coveted a lot, whether you are a man or a woman. Having the confidence to take on all that life offers is a wonderful feeling with skin lightening treatment in Mumbai. And with such skin lightening treatments in Mumbai available in such huge numbers at your local skin clinic, availability is not a problem as well. So if you were worried that you won’t find such treatments in your city, you don’t have to worry anymore because a skin lightening treatment in Mumbai may well be available right at your corner.

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