Care according to hair type

Care according to the hair type


Having a correct regimen to take care of your hair, just as you would take care of your skin, is very important. Stress coupled with the hectic lifestyle that we all live, can affect the health of our hair very badly. It is not uncommon to see people facing problems like premature greying, balding etc. at a very young age. In addition to the problems of hair which previously used to occur at an older age, people also face the problems of dandruff, dry and damaged hair which do not seem to controllable even with the most expensive products.

Therefore, it is very important to start taking care of your hair from a very early age. Using correct products according to the hair type and following a strict method of taking care of hair is very crucial. Many problems of the hair can be delayed for a long time, if not completely eliminated, if good care of hair is taken from the beginning. Taking good care of hair include includes taking care of the hair according to the type of hair. If wrong methods or products are used on hair it can worsen the problem. If you are unsure about how to take care of your hair and want some guidelines to begin with, keep reading.

  • Oily hair: – Although human scalp naturally produces oils which are essential to maintain the hydration along the strands of hair, sometimes excess of the natural oils may cause the hair to always look greasy. Oily hair looks dirty and flat. To tackle this problem, first check whether your hair or scalp is oily. If your scalp is oily then use a shampoo meant for oily hair. But ensure that you condition your hair after using shampoo because shampoos meant for oily hair can make the hair really dry. If both your scalp and hair are oily, use a suitable shampoo followed by a light weight conditioner. Do not wash your everyday as it can cause the scalp to produce more oil than usual.
  • Fine hair: – People with very fine hair find it impossible to add some volume and bounce to their hair. But with some correct techniques and methods, even fine hair can look full of life. Use a volumizing shampoo to wash your hair. While applying conditioner to your hair, apply the conditioner along the length of the hair near the tips and do not apply the conditioner at the roots. Conditioning the hair is important as it will help in preventing the frizziness and the split ends.
  • Dry hair :- Hair can become dry because of all the products which are used on hair. Almost all hair products contain chemicals which make the hair dry and damaged. Continuous exposure to harmful rays of sun, chlorine from the swimming pools and excessive use of heat styling tools like hair curling irons, hair straightener etc. can also cause the hair to become extremely dry and brittle. Therefore, special remedies should be done on dry and damaged hair to restore their shine and body. Use a very hydrating shampoo on dry hair and if possible use a shampoo with natural ingredients. Avoid the use of blow dryer to dry your hair and let the air dry your hair as much as possible. Before you go for a swim, put on a water- proof cap to protect the hair from the chlorinated water. Home remedies work great for dry and damaged hair. A hair mask made of olive oil, honey and yogurt can be used once in a week to provide deep nourishment to the dry hair.
  • Curly hair- Though people with curly hair generally do not complain about the volume in their hair, they do have concerns about the lack- lustre texture of the hair. Curly hair look very dry as the natural oils from the scalp are not able to travel along the strands of the hair. Also, since the surface of the curly hair is jagged, the light is not reflected well which causes them to appear even more dull. People with curly hair should hydrating cream shampoos which can help in increasing the moisture levels in the hair. While the hair should be washed with lukewarm water to clear the build-up, cold water should be used for finally rinsing the hair. Using cold water rinse at the end seals in the moisture which make the hair to appear shinier and healthy.

Hair should be protected from continuous exposure to sunlight, pollution and chemicals. Taking good care of hair not only means using good quality hair products but also taking a healthy and balanced diet. A good lifestyle is important to maintain the overall health of hair and skin. So skip those heating tools and hair colours and keep your hair in its best shape for years to come.


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