Choose Your Choice of Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Mumbai
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Choose Your Choice of Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Mumbai

Unwanted hair growth is a common botheration of most of the women around the world. No matter how much we wax, tweeze, shave, thread or pluck the hair, it simply keeps growing back and makes us feel uncomfortable. The only way to bid the last farewell to this problem is through laser treatment. Hence, you can choose your choice of laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai, to keep that unwanted hair growth at bay.

Nowadays, laser hair removal is emerging as a prominent remedy for unwanted hair growth, as it is always better to opt for a permanent painless solution rather than doing a painful task repeatedly. However, we have to be completely aware of the different laser hair removal treatments that are prevalent and which one is best suited for us. Laser treatment for an individual is given based on the hair texture, skin type and skin colour. Some of the commonly deployed laser hair removal treatments include Nd:YAG Laser, Alexandrite’s laser, Diode laser, Super hair removal laser and the Ruby laser. The Nd:YAG laser is the most preferred laser hair removal treatment when it comes to dark skin tone. Apart from having a longer wavelength, it also has weaker melanin absorption so that it can differentiate between the melanin from hair and skin effectively. On the other hand, the Alexandrite’s laser is used for olive skin tone and has greater melanin absorption, which may lead to burns when exposed to even slight darker skin tones. The Diode laser treatment works best for fair to medium skin tone and possesses a longer wavelength and penetrates deep into the hair follicle. The latest and the best laser hair removal treatment is the Super Hair Removal Laser (SHR), as it can be used on any skin tone and hair type, all year round.

Thus, you can get rid of unwanted hair growth through a proper laser treatment and following it up with fixed maintenance sessions. The interval between the sessions varies depending on the body part and the hair type. It is also very important to get your treatment done in a standardized clinic under an expertized doctor otherwise there are great chances of the treatment going wrong. The Skin Doctor India is renowned for laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai and anyone who is planning to get laser hair removal treatment done in Mumbai can reach out to the team through their website ‘’.

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