Discover the advances in psoriasis treatment in Mumbai
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Discover the advances in psoriasis treatment in Mumbai

Apart from being a source of great discomfort and low self-esteem, Psoriasis does not have a recognized cure. This makes the condition even more frustrating. Treatments and procedures have generally been aimed at reducing the discomfort and the visible symptoms. However, the promise of hope has been extended to patients with great advances through the best psoriasis treatment in Mumbai.  This has been achieved through a regimen of biologic drugs aimed at fighting the reasons for psoriasis and not just the symptoms. Take a quick look at the strides in medical intervention for psoriasis.

Targeted treatment for better results

 The best psoriasis specialist in Mumbai rely on a systematic and targeted therapy to treat psoriasis. This could start off with ointments and proceed to phototherapy like narrow band Ultraviolet B (UVB) therapy.  Higher line of treatment includes PUVA photochemotherapy.  And finally, the treatment moves on to target specific areas of the immune system that actually causes the outbreak of psoriasis.  The new line of treatment for psoriasis, biologics have rendered treatment regimens more effective.

Injectable biologics to treat the causes

A careful examination and diagnosis of the patient helps experienced dermatologists to prescribe injectable biologics. These injections are administered under the skin for a certain period of time, depending on the nature, extent and causes of the condition. However, what needs to be borne in mind is that this procedure calls for a very careful evaluation of the patient.  This can only be carried out by dermatologists with extensive experience in psoriasis treatment in Mumbai with sufficient exposure to causes and side effects.

Experienced dermatologists help in identifying triggers and reduce exposure to causative factors

This chronic disease calls for maintenance through measures that include reduction in stress and a proper diet.  The best psoriasis specialist in Mumbai will be able to help patients winnow down the list of probable reasons to a few triggers. The patients can then avoid the situations or reasons that trigger the ailment. Skin biopsies conducted by the specialists help in concluding an accurate diagnosis which may sometimes call for carrying out blood profile and x-ray tests.  Psoriasis can progress to other parts of the body, which calls for carrying out the above tests.

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